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LIVE USB  v.1 x86/x64
LIVE USB v.1 x86/x64 | 2.39 GB

This assembly consists of an integrated set of software for system recovery after blocking SMS banner. Designed to combat Trojan-Ransom.Win32 blocker and other varieties blokiratorov.Sborka has enough installed software for working with HDD, system restore lost information and to solve other problems.
System requirements:
Then 4 gig flash drive

Extras. Information:
The way to create a multi-boot flash drives and transfer files onto it:
1 are formatting in FAT 32
2 extract the files from the Files of LIVE.GHO Ghost32 to your vehicle
3 cases flash drive bootable - in your WINGRUB run
grubinst_gui exe.

The program structure

1.Kaspersky Rescue Disk:
Your computer is so infected that you can not start the operating system? Do not panic! Free product Kaspersky Rescue Disk will help you to heal and repair the system.

2.Dr.Web LiveUSB:
Dr.Web LiveUSB - a product that allows you to carry out disaster recovery of the operating system with a bootable USB-drive.

Designed to work in the operating systems Windows (32 - and 64-bit versions). To boot from a flash drive, your computer's BIOS must support USB-HDD device as a boot.

3.AntiWinLocker LiveCD 4.0.9:
AntiWinLocker LiveCD 4.0.9 - a protection against blockers Windows, by blocking pornographic banners that need to transfer money to the account or send sms. Automatic restoration of the operating system without having to reinstall Windows. Disk Recovery AntiWinLockerLiveCD treatment already locked on Windows. A simple and effective solution. Protect your computer - install AntiWinLocker. In trial mode for 30 days - fully functional. Download and burn the disc AntiWinLockerLiveCD, and you can not only help yourself get rid of the infection, but also to their family and friends.

4.AntiSMS LiveCD 3.5:
AntiSMS Rus program for the treatment of blocked SMS-Trojan computer. * The program works with any number of hard drives, systems and users, x86 and x64 from WinXP or higher.
* Delete files autorun.inf in the root of each logical drive, if they exist.
* The user profiles are deleted executable files in the folder where they should not be.
* Completely clean the system and user temporary directories.
* All non-standard entries in the hosts file will be commented out.
* Auto-start on all devices except the drive is turned off.
* Critical registry locations (such as Shell and Userinit) will be restored.
* All temporary startup keys (like RunOnce and RunOnceEx) will be cleared.
* All processes in the system debuggers Image File Execution Options will be deleted.
* All restrictions (Policies) User and will be deleted.
* In the software restriction policy will be issued an unlimited level.
* All unsigned service will be disabled, can be restored via msconfig after boot.
* All unsigned files from the startup registry will be disabled, can be restored via msconfig.
* remove unsigned files in the startup folder can be restored via msconfig.
* Unsigned scheduled tasks are renamed to *. Bak, to be able to recover.
* You can restore the network settings of the working system after violations Trojans.
* Restore the startup executables.
* From the startup folders and registry startup scripts are removed, you can recover through msconfig.
* In Windows 7 msconfig also added time off startup items and services.
* For Windows XP x86 reset to boot in safe mode.
* For WinXP x86, Vista x86-x64 and Win7-x86-x64 8 core system files are restored, if they are not signed.
* cures all known MBR-blockers, backup the infected sector saved in Backup.
* Implemented saving custom MBR, it will heal faster unknown Trojans.
* The program has a deep cleaning of the system from malicious actions Trojans.
* In the Startup folders are also processed labels, unsigned can be restored via msconfig.
* correctly identify all sections, regardless of how they mixed up the letters in WinPE.
* Boot ROM supports exFAT, and contains the latest driver controllers.
* Properly handled parameter AppInit_DLLs, removed from it only unsigned library.
* Back up your files and logs of the program stored in the folder \ AntiSMS.
* Support base proven program files Universal Virus Sniffer.

5.Hiren 's BootCD 15.1 (DOS Utils) Rus:
Hiren's BootCD - an indispensable tool used by many computer technicians and system administrators. At one bootable CD assembled dozens of the most popular programs and utilities for running DOS. This is a utility for working with hard drive, its recovery and diagnostic tools diagnosis of all the computer nodes, file managers, utilities for the network, as well as many others. Hiren's BootCD eliminates the need to keep on hand dozens and dozens of disks required in daily work.

6.Passcape Reset Windows Password 1.2.1:
Losing a password or lock your Windows account is the most common problem faced by a data recovery specialist. You can format the drive or reinstall the operating system, but it does not save you from partial loss of data, personal settings and extra headache. Moreover, it may take some time. There is a quicker and more elegant way out of this situation. Simply download the Reset Windows Passwords from a bootable CD or USB, 'remember' forgotten password or unlock the account. A matter of minutes! To date, RWP is the powerful software tool to recover or reset account passwords Windows: users, administrators, users, Active Directory, domain administrator. The program focuses on the most inexperienced user and is easy to use. On the other hand, algorithms for searching and guessing passwords used in the program are unique and not used in any other similar program. Unlike other similar utilities, RWP is the only program that correctly handles all types of user accounts Windows.

7.Parted Magic:
Parted Magic - a small distro Linux, designed for hard disk partitioning and data recovery. The name itself alludes to the partitioning tool - gparted. However, the distribution, available as a Live CD, not necessarily viewed as solely a means of partitioning the hard drive, it is quite suitable for educational purposes as a lightweight Linux.

Boot disk for repairing Microsoft Windows MSDaRT ERD Commander - allows users to boot the system from removable media, which makes it possible to start your computer, even if the total damage of the existing files on a disk operating system, vital for its start. Provides full access to NTFS-volumes, the system registry settings and drivers.
Editing the registry: Utility Registry Editor ERD, available in Tools MSDaRT, provides information about the registry, which can help in recovery.
Restore access to the system: For a local user account and change the password, you can use the Master password changes.
Diagnosis of system failure: To identify the cause of system failure and determine which driver caused the failure, you can use the wizard Crash Analysis.
Restore partitions and volumes: To restore the partitions or volumes, you can use the application Disk Commander.
Recover deleted files: Utilities File Recovery can be used to find and recover deleted files from any supported file system Windows.
Cleaning disks or volumes: To clean the disks or volumes, you can use the Disk Cleanup utility.
Search for specific files: search utility allows you to limit the search by specifying the name, location search, the estimated size of the file or the file modification time.
Browse titles: Utility Explorer allows you to view files and folders that are stored on different disks.
Perform administrative tasks of managing your computer: Computer Management utility provides recovery tools to perform the following tasks.
Turn off hard disks, or services that cause errors.
View event logs.
How to partition and format the hard drive.
Getting information about startup files.
To obtain information about your computer.
Configuring TCP / IP: Configuration Utility TCP / IP allows you to display and configure the TCP / IP.
Removing patches and service packs Windows: With the removal patch can remove Windows hotfix or service pack from the system that can not run.
Check and repair system files: System File Checker allows you to check and repair any damaged or missing system files.
The use of anti-malware: independent validation tool to determine malware or other unwanted programs and provide a warning of the potential danger.

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